Current Research Efforts

The following outlines my current research efforts both towards my PhD and towards building my research portfolio and skill set. Follow me on Twitter for up to date information!


Drinking water utility climate adaptation

This project seeks to identify and investigate barriers to and possibilities for adaptation by California’s range of utilities.  In doing so, we seek to inform local, regional, and state climate policies that enable utilities to overcome barriers to adaptation. 

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water quality management at different scales 

My PhD research focuses on better understanding the complex relationships between institutions involved in water quality management to inform climate adaptation and long-term resilience across different scales. As cases, I study Lake Erie and Lake Geneva.


Education, outreach, and communications

I have a passion for education, outreach, and communications. I keep track of my research, teaching, and mentoring experiences in a transparent way. I strive to connect scientific and non-scientific communities by sharing info in an easily digestible format.