Using people to understand policy: a water quality quandary in two transboundary lake systems


Case Study: Lake Geneva (France and Switzerland)


Case Study: Lake Erie (Canada and the United States)

My research aims to understand decision-making processes in two transboundary lake systems and how they relate to policy outputs and lake water quality management. Research relating to Lake Erie is being partially supported by the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) as part of the Graduate Student Pursuit program. Through this program, teams of interdisciplinary PhD students work together to synthesize and solve challenges in the context of social-ecological systems. I am a Co-PI of our pursuit, titled, Moving beyond random acts of restoration to robust adaptive resilience: a case comparison between the Canadian and U.S. coasts of Lake Erie. I am currently seeking funding to complete my research in the Lake Geneva region. For more information on this research, please contact me (