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Meghan R. Klasic


Mobile: +1 (215) 280-9584

Twitter: @rogue_PhD

LinkedIn: in/meghanklasic/


2015. University of California, Davis, Department of Environmental Science and Policy.

Ph.D. in Geography (Expected Date of Completion: Spring 2021)

I am an environmental geographer and a social scientist studying decision-making processes around lake harmful algal blooms. I employ mixed methods and my current research uses document and archival research, interviews, and surveys. My data analysis techniques include social and social-ecological network analysis, regression analysis, and qualitative text analysis.

2013. Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering, Baltimore, MD.

M.S. with Departmental Honors in Environmental Planning and Management

I completed a Professional M.S. degree while working at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. My program explored public policy, decision-making, and water resource and climate change planning and management in the context of environmental engineering.

2006. Dickson College, Department of Environmental Studies, Carlisle, PA.

B.S. with Departmental Honors in Environmental Science

My undergraduate program was tailored towards aquatics. As part of my degree program I completed a year-long independent research project entitled, “The use of submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) as a bio-indicator of stream health”.

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